Astrology is a sort of divination that includes the forecasting of earthly and human events through the observation and interpretation of objects like the fixed stars, the Sun, the Moon, and the existing planets. As per the belief of the followers and believers, the understanding of the planets and on earthly affairs allows them to both predict the destinies of individuals, groups, and nations. 

Astrology is regarded as a science, but it is not Modern Science. Rather, it’s Vedic Science. The theories of astrology widely oppose the findings and thesis of modern science which we are studying in our institutions. Gurudev Acharya Vivek Panchtatwa with the practice and training of over 17 years, implements Astrology as a Vedic Science in his Five Dimensional Approach (FDA) Therapy, which he offers at The Nidan.


With the help of Astrology, one can easily predict the mundane events that are based upon the hypothesis that the celestial bodies, specifically the planets and the stars are considered in their arbitrary combinations or configurations (also called constellations). In some ways, it either determines or indicates the changes in the sublunar world. 

The assumptions based on the Vedic science of Indian mythology lie historically in the ancient scriptures and vedas written during the ancient times..

If we see the origin, then the astrologers presupposed a geocentric universe where the planets, the Sun, and The Moon revolves in orbits whose centres are at or near the centre of the Earth and in which the stars are certain upon a spherical shape consisting of a finite radius whose centre is also the centre of the planet Earth. 

After that, the principles of Aristotelian physics get adopted, as per an absolute division between the eternal and circular motions of the heavenly elements and the restricted, linear motion of the four sublunar elements, which are fire, air, water, and the earth. 

As per the beliefs, the special relations that exist between the particular celestial bodies and their varied motions are configuration with each other, and the process that takes place in generation and decay that are apparent in the world of air, fire, water, and the earth. The relations between them are so complicated, that it is almost impossible for a human mind to grasp them. 

The astrologers of India continuously made claims on astrology that had been disproved by skeptics. The University Grants Commission (UGC) of India and the Ministry of Human Resource Development decided to establish ‘Jyotir Vigyan’ (or Vedic Astrology) as a discipline in the universities throughout India. They stated that “Vedic astrology is not one of the main subjects of our traditional and classical knowledge but this is the discipline, which lets us know the events happening in human life and in the universe on time scale”. Some of the universities provide advanced degrees in astrology, however, this decision of establishing Vedic Astrology in the Indian universities was taken back by the Andhra Pradesh High Court of 2001 Judgement.

In astrological theory, the role of the divine varies considerably. It is too rigorous an aspect, astrology defines a completely mechanistic universe, and denies to the deity the probability of intervention and that too to a man of free will. For some individuals, astrology is not an exact science similar to astronomy. But it merely indicates the trends and directions that a divine or a human will can alter. 

Looking at the ancient Indian astrologers, they regarded the planets themselves as potent deities. Some proclamations can be altered through supplication and liturgy, or through theurgy, which is the path to persuade the god and the other supernatural powers, also mentioned in a lot of ancient Hindu scriptures.


1) Why are Astro consultations necessary?

Astro consultations assist you with accurate predictions, as per your birth chart. It helps an individual to take suitable steps for the future, and make yourself safe from hurdles.

2) Why should you take Astro Consultations from Acharya Ji?

Whatever professional or personal problems you are facing in your life, Acharya Ji, with 18 years of experience, will help you deal with those problems through ancient and Vedic science practices.

3) Are there any side effects of Astro Consultations?

If you take Astro consultations from Acharya Ji, it will not cause you any harm. The techniques used by Acharya Ji are natural and based on Ancient Vedic Science Practices.

Purposes of Astrology

The prime purpose of astrology is to inform the individual of the course of his/her life based on the positions of the planets and of the zodiac signs (the 12 astrological constellations) at the time of his/her birth or conception. This gives developed the fundamental techniques of astrology to the genethlialogy (casting nativities). At The Nidan, during the natural way of healing through FDA Therapy, astrology plays a significant role in it. Gurudev Acharya Vivek Panchtatwa implements the Vedic astrology in the lives of people to help them achieve a better future and overcome problems.

Hindu Astrology

Astrology is a principal facet of the believers of the folk in the present-time lives of many Hindus. Following the scriptures of the Indian scriptures, the newborns are traditionally named as per their kundali. In the kundalis, astrological concepts are widespread to organise the calendar and holidays. By the common people, it has also been used during marriages, shifting to a new residence, opening a new business, or restarting the existing one. As per the ancient Indian scriptures and the beliefs of people, the heavenly bodies and the plants influence the common people. These influences by the planets and the heavenly bodies in the life of an individual are the ‘fruit of karma’.

Interrogatory Astrology

This type of astrology provides the answers to the queries of the client that are based on the situation of the paradises at the moment of his/her questions that they are posing. The consulting service of astrology is far more remote from the determination, compared to catarchic astrology. Thus, it is closer to the divination by omens and insists upon the ritual purification and preparation of the astrologer.

Astrology and Science

Science and its concepts cannot be defined in a crystal clear form. The endeavours of science have set some key parameters, and based on that, they summarised their concepts in the Science Checklist. Some of the existing traditions and beliefs seem scientific, but they fail to meet most of the parameters (or characteristics) of science. 

Likewise, in some certain ways, Astrology seems scientific. It deals with the scientific knowledge about the heavenly bodies, like the Sun, the Moon, the Start, and the planets. Along with that, the scientific-sounding tools, like the star charts. In order to generate expectations about future events and the personalities of individuals, people use Astrology. 

Vedic Astrology is a great tool to predict future events and the personalities of different individuals. Along with predicting the personalities and the future events, Gurudev Acharya Vivek Panchtatwa also comprehends the best possible way to overcome any tough time, or the solutions of the particular problems, which is the integral part of FDA Therapy at The Nidan.

Also, some of the individuals claim that it is supported by evidence, which is the experience of the ones who feel that astrology has worked for them. Still, with all this evidence and beliefs, can we conclude that astrology is a science? Let us have a look at some more points to understand its concepts in a better way. 

Our ancient scriptures consist of the accomplished knowledge on the Vedic Astrology, and based on that data the following points will be presented to you.

Connections with the natural world

Astrology is connected and deals with the natural world itself. The basic premise of astrology is the heavenly bodies, which are the Sun, the Moon, the constellations, and the planets, and also have the influence over or are correlated with the earthly events.

Explanation of the natural world

Astrology generates the predictions and explanations for events on the Earth and the traits of a human personality with the help of a set of rules about the relative positions and movements of the heavenly bodies. For example, an individual born just after the spring equinox is specifically likely to make his/her professional career being an entrepreneur, as per the predictions of some forms of astrology.

Testable ideas in astrology

There exist some expectations in astrology that are so general. Due to that, its outcome may be interpreted in order to make the expectation fit. Astrology is not testable if one will treat it in this mentioned way.

However, a few have implemented astrology to generate some really specific expectations, which can be verified in the contradiction of the outcomes in the natural world. 

As per astrology, the zodiac sign of an individual impacts one’s potential to command authority and respect. We perhaps expect that if astrology could explain the personalities of the individuals, the scientists would be more likely to have the zodiac signs that astrologers can explain as ‘favourable’ toward science.

Reliability of astrology on the evidence

There were a few cases in which astrology has been used to generate testable expectations, and the results were examined in a very careful study. But the evidence did not support the validity of those astrological ideas. It is not a new thing, rather it is a common experience in science. In science, scientists often test numerous ideas which turn out to be wrong and invalid.

Since the concept of testing of ideas is alike in both astrology and science, there is a major difference in both fields of study. One of the hallmarks of science is that, even if the testing of ideas fails, it can be modified and warranted by the evidence. But this method does not work in astrology, because the ideas of astrology cannot be changed or altered, in order to respond to the contradictory evidence.

Involvement of scientific community

In the newspapers and media channels, there are daily astrological predictions, but not in the places where they will be scrutinised by the scientific community. 

In astrology, sharing the findings of an individual and critically evaluating the results of others are not integral parts of practising it. In order to get the information about an individual, an astrologer can go through their whole career and not on the present findings at a scientific meeting or publishing a single article. Even when the astrologers publish the articles, those were not reviewed by the peer groups or published in the places where they will get critically scrutinised by the scientific community.

Ongoing research on astrology

As per the reports, the scientific study that includes astrology has stopped attempting the research on astrology and failing in it, to establish the validity of the astrological ideas. As far now, there have been no documented cases or reports on astrology that contributes to a new scientific discovery.

Scientific behaviour of researchers

When any scientist proposes or discovers any ideas, they don’t rely on others to research them, in order to support or contradict their proposed ideas. Rather, they strive to test their ideas by themselves and try to find out the counterarguments or the alternative hypothesis in order to support their ideas and research. Eventually, they give up the ideas once it gets warranted by the evidence. 

On the other hand, if we look at the Astrologers, they usually do not seem to rigorously test the astrological ideas accepted by them. As shown by the minimal reach of the research in the field, the astrologers rarely put efforts to try to test their argument in a fairway. Along With that, the community of astrologers widely ignores the evidence that contradicts its ideas.

Components of an Astrological Birth Chart

A complete astrological birth chart consists of the web of planets, signs, houses, their aspects, as complex and confounding as an actual human being. Let us have a look at the components of an Astrological Birth Chart in sequence. If you too want to get deep predictions based on your birth chart, The Nidan is the best place for you.

The Sun

The sun reflects the basic identity of an individual, their needs, will, and their individuality. The sign of the sun tells the way you show all these aspects of yourself. Also, its houses identify the arena where you can most effectively be yourself.

The Moon

Moon is linked with your feelings, instincts, habits, memory, and subconscious. The sign of the moon determines your way of experiencing emotions. If talk about its house placement points to the area of life, then that is the most essential for your well-being.


The Ascendant or the astrology rising sign describes your personality at the surface level, which means the way you behave in the world.

The Ruling Planet

Ruling planet refers to the planet which governs the AScendant of an individual, and it is the ruler of the chart, irrespective of its location or anything else in their horoscope. Being a ruler contributes to both the sense of self and to the impression one gives to others. The position of the house is one of the most illuminating qualities of the ruling planet. 


Stelliums may be defined as a cluster of three or more planets having the same and are preferable in an identical house. This type of grouping is automatically noteworthy, and it appears in the same sign as the Sun, most probably, and it reinforces the message of that sign. Whenever it shows up anywhere, it can rival the Sun in importance. 

In order to witness a stellium in action, let us have an eye on some of the real-life examples. Swami Vivekananda, the pride of India, was a Sagittarius, having the moon Rashi Virgo. He is not only known in India but also recognized worldwide. His Lagna lord is Jupiter, which implies the kind qualities of a guru. He also beholds the dharma and religion due to the ninth god sun. The Jupiter in the Venus House also depicts the dharma and religion inside him. 

Venus and mercury conjoined in 2nd and even the lord of 2nd house conjoined with the moon, which makes him a pleasing speaker, and all the energies made him an exceptional preacher who owns the ability to attract crowds with his speech. Planet Saturn and moon establish interest in meditation and spirituality in him. Further, the 11th house signifies his social circle, and we all know he had been associated with many great gurus. 

In the navamsa, his Lagna was Scorpio, which signifies his in-depth religious knowledge of dharma. In his birth chart, the Rahu in the 12th house gives him exceptional spirituality. 

Elements in Astrology

Astrology is a vast field of study, and if you want to gather knowledge and start branching out apart from your daily horoscope, then the understanding of the elements in astrology is an essentiality for you. Each of the zodiac signs is ruled by one of four existing elements. By knowing them, you can give a kick start to the exploration of the zodiac and forming new connections, particularly, once you begin diving into your astrological birth chart.

Each of the 12 zodiac signs is unique in its qualities and energies, while they share some similarities as well. By having a look at the way signs are categorised, you can see their connections. Initially, these are divided into two polarities; masculine and feminine. After that, they are categorised into three astrological modalities; cardinal, fixed, and feminine. 

The 12 zodiac signs of Astrology and Vastu are sorted into the four elements (3 zodiac signs in each element) that tell about the personality and behaviour of an individual. While providing Nidan at The Nidan, Gurudev Acharya Vivek Panchtatwa ensures to maintain the balance between all the elements of astrology.

Further, they are divided into four groups of elements in astrology. Perhaps, it is the most significant of the categories. All the four elements, fire, earth, air, and water consist of a unique way of expressing their energy.

Fire Signs

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Fire represents the element of the spirit, thus it is passionate, feisty, and fierce. People with this sign are tense to lead with their spirits and their unbreakable wills. They possess a heavy sense of confidence that leads them to stand out among the rest of the signs. Individuals having this sign are brave and energetic enough compared to others, and by using their enthusiastic drive, they interact with people all around the world.

The fire energy in them is known to make them quite more impulsive compared to the other elements because they allow their passion to dictate their actions and decisions. But in contradiction, some individuals believe that this thing makes them more exciting to be around.

Fire signs perhaps have quick tempers and big personalities, but you can take it positively by boosting your spirit through it and making your day brighter.

Earth Signs

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Being an element of the physical realm, the earth’s energy exerts an emphasis on the sensory experiences and makes us present at the moment. The energy it has is grounded, practical, and more oriented to the materialistic world, compared to the other signs. Due to this reason, earth signs are often addressed as being good with money. 

Whenever they interact with the world, they do so using pragmatism and make their choices based on what makes sense. They don’t usually get swept up with passion, emotion, or overthinking, which other elements do. A rational earth sign may keep them pretty more stuck in their ways than others, but these signs are some of the most reliable and stable of the bunch.

Air Signs

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

You might be aware of the fact that air is the element of the mind. Therefore, these signs tend to spend more time in their minds, visualising their life in a high-concept way, unlike the rest of the zodiac. The energy of air is highly social and communication-oriented, and thus the signs love to gossip, chat and connect with others. People with this sign tend to think through their intellectual perspectives, before promising anything or making any decision. Since they possess the ability to relate things through logic, they are very much emotionally detached. These signs perhaps are pretty flighty sometimes, but as an advantage, one can always use them for interesting conversations. 

Water Signs

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Water being the element of the heart, consists of tears of joy and sadness. The water element is about the sensitive ideas, because water signs tend to act from a spiritual place, unlike the rest of the gang. The water signs feel on an exceptionally deep level, having the potential to naturally pick up others’ sentiment as well. They are much in touch with their intuition, and perhaps likely to get into spiritual practices.

The best quality of people across this sign is their tendency to get lost in the feelings. Their nature of naturally empathetic behaviour makes them an ideal personality to talk to when someone feels vulnerable.

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