Vastu refers to abode or mansion; Shastra or Vidya means science or knowledge, so Vastu Vidya is the sacred holistic science pertaining to designing and building houses. The principle of Vastu has been derived from Sthapatya Veda- one of the sacred books in Hinduism. Vastu increases the positivity of the house and everyone living in it.

The originated radiations and electromagnetic waves of the surrounding of this planet produce invisible stress on the Earth, named Geopathic Stress. The electromagnetic waves comprise parallel rays rising vertically from ground mee MOSS from east to west and north to south. Its effect on occupants leading illnesses and stressful life.

There exists a device called the Energy Scanner that can sense the aspect of an individual or an object. The work of the scanner is devised to constructively sense the energy sample levels given to it. 

Each living or non-living being on a planet is made up of matter, of which an atom is the smallest part. The whole universe consists of the various energies that originated and were affected by the Atom. 

Did you know that the entire Universe is made up of five basic elements, which are fire, earth, air, water, and space? Likewise, a human body too is made up of all these five basic elements. 

Whenever any imbalance happens among any of the five elements in the body, the body gets diseased. Likewise, if there is an imbalance among the space or building you live in, it will discomfort the lives. 

In order to avoid those discomforts, creating a balance among these elements is a must to ensure a healthy life. We balance these five elements in a building and make it auspicious for the occupants. To help you balance all the five elements in the building, The Nidan is here to help you out. Gurudev Acharya Vivek Panchtatwa has been working in this for more than 16 years in Delhi NCR.


Numerous times, people came with the following query…


“Along with improving the VASTU for the new constructions, we also polish up VASTU for the pre-built foundations”

The science of the Vastu demonstrates the architectural principles for building construction. In addition, it also guides home interior design, which consists of both room layouts and home decorations. 

Sometimes you might be fortunate enough to have an already built space (Home or Office) that is designed according to the Vastu. But if you do not have space according to the Vastu, or do not live in the Vastu sensitive home, then also no need to worry about that. 

There are many Ancient ways through which one can deny the negative energies and rectify the ill-paced structures. Gurudev Acharya Vivek Panchtatwa at The Nidan provides the best solutions on Vastu in Delhi NCR which will not only be effective for the new buildings, but also in improving the existing buildings or spaces.


The Nidan is the best place to take Vastu services and consultations. Whether you are looking for a new home or apartment for residential, or commercial purposes, we are here to help you in any situation regarding buildings and spaces.

Our Expertise

Only 1% of the Vastu experts globally are well-versed with the Income-Expenditure Analysis. This analysis deals with the proven and practical Vastu practices in order to boost the income and reduce the expenditure in a particular space or office.
Gurudev Acharya Vivek Panchtatwa is among the top 1% of the Vastu Experts who have knowledge and experience in Income-Expenditure Analysis. Acharya Ji offers this analysis at the request of the clients.

In the 18 years of his career, Acharya Ji has successfully performed this analysis in a variety of spaces including Institutions, corporate offices, small offices, manufacturing units, houses, and individual flats and apartments.

Understanding the needs of clients, Acharya Ji offers this on-request service. If you too wish to excel in your profession or wish to resist the negative flow of energy or monetary loss, then you can also take the Income-Expenditure Analysis service from Acharya Ji.

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