Five Dimensional Approach

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Five Dimensional Approach

Your natal chart or horoscope is a powerful riddle that holds the key to unlocking new doors of healing and a better life. We make the best use of your natal chart to give you a report that will be your guide on the road to elevated living, through FDA.

The Report Consists Of:

Astrological Analysis

A report on the present, past, and future, based on what we see in your chart, summarising everything from career dynamics to family life, overall health, and the ups and downs you might have to face along the way.

Vastu Analysis

An analysis of whether or not your life is under the influence of negative Vastu elements, and simple but effective remedial methods to correct them, based on your natal chart.


Self-hypnosis or sleep audio to help with problems you might be experiencing, due to planetary placements as shown in your chart, like sleeplessness or underlying mental trauma, and subsequent mental illnesses.


Energy healing, whether physical or distant, will be done to help with any relevant problems that might be suggested in your natal chart.

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation is an Audio Visual Guide that lets us know about the exact and straightforward techniques to practice meditation. It calms the mind, sharpens the focus, and enhances the overall quality of life. For more in-depth knowledge about Yogic meditation and ‘Yogic Mudra’, we also have a book which you can avail through a service upgrade.

Enhancement In The Lives Of People With The Help Of Five Dimensional Approach


Five Dimensional Approach, Developed By Gurudev Acharya Vivek Panchtatwa Is Derived From & An Amalgamation Of Five Elements Of Vedic Science

  • The variables of the Five Dimensional Approach emphasizes on human’s physical and mental body, energy body, environmental body, planetary body, and cosmic body.
  • The physical and mental body focuses on physical and mental health with the help of neuro-linguistic programming and clinical hypnosis.
  • The energy body focuses on the aura, which is an electromagnetic field of the physical body. The enhancement of the energy body is with the help of Reiki and Theta healing.
  • The effect of the habitat in which one lives is an environmental body; Vastu is used to improve it.
  • The effect of the planet’s radiation on the human body and mind is the planetary body; which is improved with the use of astrology.

The Cosmic body stresses on the compensated spirit. That compensated spirit is the potential built due to thoughts, emotions, and released in the cosmos. It can be improved by taking the help of 112 ways of meditation. 

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Astrology is a real-life GPS in the individual’s life. Through the GPS, you can access accurate directions, times, and routes to your destination. Similarly, through Astrology, you can know the right time for doing the right things. Also, the things you need to take off in your life.