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Reiki is a class of energy healing, used as a form of complementary therapy where the transfer of universal energy takes place from the hands of the practitioner to their client. As per the practitioners, the energy stagnates in the body where there has been some emotional pain or any physical damage. These energy blocks perhaps result in causing the illness.

In order to be aware of the actual meaning of the term ‘Reiki’, let us go through its literal meaning. Reiki comes from the terms ‘rei’ and ‘ki’, where ‘rei’ refers to the universal, while ‘ki’ refers to energy, thus it can be referred to as universal energy. The meaning of the term ‘Reiki’ is ‘mysterious atmosphere, miraculous sign.’

Reiki Healing is the modernised understanding of the ancient Indian Healing known as ‘Sparsh Chikitsa’. Sparsh Chikitsa signifies healing and curing individuals of innumerable critical issues and illnesses just by applying gentle contact. Sparsh Chikitsa is also mentioned in the Rig Veda and some other ancient scriptures, and also the ways to heal and perform surgery through it. Thus, Reiki is the modern term of Sparsh Chikitsa, but it comprises the same principle. 

The energy medicine in Reiki aims to help flow the energy and release the blocks similar to that of acupressure or acupuncture. The practitioners of Reiki believe that enhancing the flow of energy around the body can trigger speed healing, relieve pain, relax, and lower the symptoms of illness.

The Nidan is the best place to experience the impact and healing capacity of Reiki Healing, where Gurudev Acharya Vivek Panchtatwa is a Reiki Grandmaster, with the experience of more than 17 years in Reiki Healing. He has also introduced Five Dimensional Approach (FDA) Therapy from the Vedic Science that consists of Astrology, Vastu, Clinical Hypnosis, Reiki Healing, and Meditation.


About Reiki Session

Although there is not any particular place decided for the Reiki Session to be conducted, still the practitioners typically prefer to give Reiki treatment in a calm, peaceful, and private setting. During the reiki session, the client has to sit comfortably in a chair or lie on a table, being fully clothed.

Once you sit or lie comfortably, then the practitioner will take your hands gently on or over some particular areas of your head, limbs, and torso. The practitioner will typically place and drive their hands throughout your body parts in these positions for roughly 3-10 minutes. In case there is an injury in your body, then the practitioner will place their hand just above the wound. 

As per the statement of the advocates, when the practitioner places and holds their hands lightly on or over your body, the universal energy transfer takes place. During the process, the practitioner holds their hands until they find the flow of energy has been stopped.

Once the practitioner senses that the flow of heat or energy has stopped, they remove their hands and take them to the other areas of the body.

How to be prepared for a Reiki session?

Everything requires preparation, thus you should be scheduled both physically and mentally before going for a reiki session. Thus, the following particulars will help you to be prepared before going for a reiki session.

Prior to the beginning of the session, remind yourself that reiki is nothing but a universal life force energy that priorly exists with every individual. The energy of Reiki enhances the natural healing abilities of the body. 

After that, you should perform your reiki self-treatment, in order to find whether you are feeling well or not. Have an eye at your reiki self-treatments as the precious times you may set aside during the day, in order to be peaceful, relaxed, and calm.

Each day, like an alarm, set aside a regular time where you can perform reiki self-treatment regularly. If you are confused between the timings or interval for the self-treatment, you may begin with a 20-minute self-treatment in the early morning after waking up, and then 20 minutes of self-treatment at the end of the day, before going to bed. Once you get used to the timings, you can stretch the timings longer like for 30 to 60 minutes, if it suits you. Ensure that the time of day can be adjusted to perfectly fit your schedule.

In order to perform the self-treatment, it is recommended for you to find a safe and comfortable space for you at your convenience. For attaining comfort, you can practise self-treatments sitting in a chair or lying on your back on the sofa or bed, or the floor. Make sure that you should perform regularly in that particular space you have selected for you. Also, try practising the self-treatments alone in the room or any space. 

Try to get a silent background without getting distracted from any bluster. It will be more beneficial if you play some relaxing instrumental music or any relaxing tone during the practice of self-treatment. It stabilises the mind and keeps it calmed. 

Once you become ready to begin your self-treatment of reiki, visit the space you have selected as per your comfort, turn on the background music that makes you relaxed, and if you have worn the shoes, then remove it. In case you are reclining, place a pillow under your head and then put a rolled-up second pillow under your knees. In order to get more comfort, place a blanket as well, over your body that will keep it warm.

Further, close your eyes, and relax both your mind and body. Make sure to make a mental note of any special places in your mind or body that requires special attention during your session. Keep on reminding yourself that you are performing your reiki self-treatment for the highest and greatest good of yourself. 

In conclusion, breathe in with calm and relaxed breaths during the self-treatment. Frequently it will help you to focus your attention on your breath and body, as you perform the various hand positions. 

Procedure to perform self-treatment in Reiki

In the above section, you perhaps become aware of the things you should take care of, before starting the procedure of self-treatment. However, whatever is said above is not mandatory to pursue it accurately, you can make some slight adjustments at your convenience.

There are a total of 10 different positions in the self-treatment that you should follow. For the session of 20 minutes, you can divide 2 minutes each for each of the 10 different positions. It is not obligatory to take care of the exact piece of time, you can go with the approx 2 minutes time for each of the positions.

Once you start practising it regularly, you will memorise each of the steps by heart, and after regular practice, your hand positions will improve as well. Just be in a comfy state and do the best you can. In addition, feel free to move your hands on the other places of your body, in order to get healed and feel relaxed as well. 

Following are the hand positions that you need to perform during your self-treatment session of Reiki of 20 minutes.


In the beginning step of the reiki self-treatment, put your hands gently together, in the middle of your chest, and keep it in a prayer position, slightly below your chin. Hold your hands at that position for a sure amount of time. Focus your attention on in-breaths and out-breaths. Again, breathe calmly and deeply, in order to spread relaxation of your mind and body. 


After accomplishing the first position, gently move your hands on the top of your head, and again take deep and relaxed breaths. Concentrate on the top of your head where your hands are placed and let this hand position relax your muscles and skin on your head.


From your head, gently move both of your hands over your eyes, take deep and relaxed breaths. Give all your attention to your hands that are placed over your eyes. Try avoiding your hands over your nose, in order to inhale and exhale the comforting and relaxed breaths. Let this position calm the skin and muscles present in your face, eyes, and forehead.


Put your right hand above your throat and the left hand over your heart, and go with the flow of deep and relaxed breaths. Concentrate on your throat and heart, and for more comfort, place your right hand very lightly over your throat. Enable this position to calm the muscles present in your throat, neck, and upper chest area. 


After that, gently place both of your hands just below your breast line, and ensure that the middle fingers of both of your hands are in touch with each other. Continue the process of taking deep and relaxed breaths, and focus on the area where your hands are placed. Allow your hand positions to calm the muscles in your rib portions and the centre of your chest.


Take your hands down by one hand-width from your breast line, and gently place them over your upper stomach and in the area of the solar plexus, follow deep and relaxed breaths. Concentrate your attention on this particular area of the body, and allow these muscles to relax in this area.


Further, take your hands over your stomach and in the naval portion, breathing slowly and deeply. Focus your attention on that stomach and naval area of the body, and permit this hand-position to relax the muscles present over this area.


Gently move both of your hands on your shoulder muscles, with deep and relaxed breaths. Allow this position of the hand to rest the muscles present over your shoulder and give your attention to that portion of your body.


Move both of your hands over your kidney area, above the waistline, and continue to take slow and deep breaths. Keep focusing your attention on the kidney area of your body, and permit your position of hands to make the muscles that are present over that area give relaxation.


In the last position of this reiki self-treatment, gently move both of your hands on either the soles of your feet or on the tops of your feet. In order to comfort the position of this exercise, cross your left leg over your right knee, to let the left knee reach your right foot. Do not aim to strain yourself for perfection, just try to give the best of yourself.

Merits of Reiki Healing

Reiki is one of the ancient, yet effective and easy healing techniques that transfer the universal energy, positive mindsets through a simple gentle touch over different portions of the body. Reiki is a technique linked with Vedic science, and thus its benefits and effectiveness are endless. Whether you desire to balance your energy levels, nurture yourself spiritually, heal your emotional trauma, and many more, it is adequate in all of these. Here are some of the few prime benefits of Reiki Healing that allow you to make your life much better.


Reiki is a non-invasive approach in order to transfer the energy that is too effective and thus promotes overall well-being in the lives of individuals. During the process of energy transfer, the body manages to restore the balance among the systems of the body, mind, and spirit, thus promoting harmony and allowing the individuals to continue in a positive aspect of life.


Reiki allows individuals to simply ‘be’ in their life, and this is one of the major merits of Reiki that people love the most. In the pure relaxation of a couple of minutes, it allows the receiver to clear their mind and trash the unnecessary stress and tension that are in their mind right now. The universal transfer during Reiki Healing makes the individuals feel calm, relaxed, peaceful, and lighter. This thing eventually lets them be in contact with their inner selves and reflect transparently on their lives. 


When the blockage happens in the energy passageways, the positive energy cannot flow throughout certain portions of the body. Thus, it results in fear, anger, pain, mood swing, and many more things. Reiki is an impactful path that helps in keeping these passages clear. Taking the regular reiki session will promote the continuous and unlocked flow of energy throughout your body. Due to this energy flow, the stress level in the individuals gets lowered, their mind becomes clearer, physical healing takes place, and they experience less physical pain compared to earlier. 


Reiki is the ancient way of healing that reminds the body of an individual to go in the ‘repair’ or ‘self-healing’ state of rest and digestion. It triggest this state, and the body initiates to cleanse itself from the useless and unimportant energies. It also permits the body to safeguard itself from exhaustion, immune system failure, or burnout.


The prime requirement in attaining the focused state is to be in the present moment, instead of remembering the past or visualising the future. In reiki, its positive energy transfer lets one pay attention only to the current events, and not hold on to the mistakes made in the past, or to not become anxious about the future happenings. This thing helps the individual to accept the reality and its unfolding, and also makes them react positively in the different situations, people, and circumstances.


After the reiki session, one feels extremely relaxed and comfortable. This relaxation promotes the body to sleep better, heal better, and think with a clear and light mind. Even during the reiki sessions, it is natural for the people to entirely fall asleep during the session.


Reiki not only focuses on physical well-being, but it also addresses an individual through their mind, body, and spirit with every aspect. That means the positive energy transfer that takes place is extremely effective in elevating the mood and the behaviour of its receiver and their general attitude towards life. The healing of reiki begins from within, and it reflects on their decisions and perspective on the outside world.


Reiki ensures the balance between the internal body levels to return to a near-natural state. Thus, the blood pressure, circulation, heart rate, breathing, and other bodily systems will improve. This basic balance between the internal system of the body ensures the body heals itself from within. 

Those were some of the major merits and benefits of Reiki Healing, among its endless merits and benefits, that upgrade the quality of one’s lifestyle. Also, since it is of the Ancient and Vedic technique to heal people, it does not focus on any particular problem. Instead, it is effective in reducing the symptoms of a lot of issues related to your body, mind, and spirit. 

Reiki Healing at The Nidan

One of the greatest flexes in the Reiki Healing from Reiki Grandmaster Gurudev Acharya Vivek Panchtatwa at The Nidan is the DISTANT HEALING. With its name, you might have understood that Distant Healing is somewhat related to the one who is far from us. Distant Healing is a type of Reiki Healing through which you can get Reiki services from anywhere in the world. Suppose you reside in a foreign country, and from there as well you can get the Reiki Healing Services from the Reiki Grandmaster Gurudev Acharya Vivek Panchtatwa. It is one of the ancient forms of Healing that comes under Vedic Science, and thus its results are mind-blowing. Even in the Distant Healing, you will find drastic changes in your mind, body, and overall lifestyle.

Being one of the most ancient techniques to heal people through a gentle touch over different body portions, nowadays, it is becoming difficult to find a Reiki Grandmaster who can heal you and reduce the symptoms of your problems through the application of reiki healing in you. 

But you don’t have to search more for the Reiki Healing Expert anywhere, The Nidan is here for you. Gurudev Acharya Vivek Panchtatwa is the Reiki Grandmaster at The Nidan is the practitioner of Reiki Healing for over 17 years and understands the Concepts of Reiki Healing, which is originated from the Vedic Science, and also it is one of the most significant parts of the FDA Therapy, founded by the Reiki Grandmaster Gurudev Acharya Vivek Panchtatwa itself. 

Reiki Grandmaster Gurudev Acharya Vivek Panchtatwa has provided his Reiki Healing sessions to innumerable clients worldwide and has experience of over 17 years at the professional level. If you want to get rid of any issues or prepare yourself for any exam or contests, or want to get rid of stress and anxiety, then this Reiki Healing Session is for you. Irrespective of whatever you do, or wherever you live, or what your background is, you can also be benefitted from the Reiki Sessions by Reiki Grandmaster Gurudev Acharya Vivek Panchtatwa at The Nidan.

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