Ring Charging


Ring Charging

There are limitless possibilities in the Atomic matter of nature, which we cannot see but feel around us whether it is a simple seed, water, or stone. A seed requires soil to identify its existing powers. In the same way, an ordinary stone sculpted into a statue is redirected through mantras as an impression of divinity. Several drops of the holy Ganga fused with water reforms into Amrit. Similarly, small changes made in our lives would lead to betterment and prosperity. 

If we look at the Ancient structures, many illustrations are present that portray the Shaktipat. It is Scientifically approved and accepted by Japanese Scientist Masaru Imoto in his books like “Messages from water and the universe” and “The Healing Power of the Water.” 

In both Physics and Chemistry, laws are mentioned under the theory of water consciousness that confirms water secures information. The way water secures the information for 4 to 5 hours, similarly, stones like Pukhraj, Panna, Gomedh, Manik, etc can secure information for months and years.


They are stored in the stones, in order to use them for improving the luck of an individual. It makes them stick quickly to the capabilities of the limitless chances with luck. That luck would lead to success. If you have to achieve all these, you have to wear the charged rings as the Rings are charged with mantras for one’s Prosperity and Triumph. In addition, Gurudev Acharya Vivek Panchtatwais has worked on this for more than 16 years. With his experience, you can upgrade your luck, capabilities, probability of getting succeed, and many more at The Nidan in Ghaziabad.

RING CHARGING: Its Significance And Need

Have you ever thought about why we need to Charge the Rings? It is one of the questions people often ask. But before answering it, we want to ask you some questions that will make you understand the answer to this question in a better way.

The question is: Why do you eat food? Why do you charge your mobile phones? Why do you fill fuel in your vehicles? These are some of the most basic questions which a primary student can answer. The concept of Ring Charging is somewhere similar to the questions asked. 

The main aim of wearing Rings is to overcome the hurdles of your life you are suffering through right now. For different hurdles, you wear different rings, and all types of rings require charging. 

You eat food to survive and work better; you charge your mobile phone to let it work without getting dead; you fill the fuel in the vehicles to go wherever you want without any resistance. Similarly, the rings also require charging in order to provide energy. 

You might be aware that rings absorb energy from the different sources of nature. With that energy, it helps us in overcoming the hurdles we are going through. If you wear rings, you cannot expect them to provide you unlimited energy without being charged. 

The power that exists in nature is limitless. One cannot even estimate the amount of energy that exists in nature. A small matter today can transform into a mighty power tomorrow. For example, a sees, which is very small in size. But after a while, it can be an enormous tree. What is the one thing that worked for that seed? It is the proper intake of energy from nature, especially from the soil, water, and sunlight. In the same way, rings help us to realize our potential.

If you mix a few drops from the holy Ganga into the water, the whole becomes pure and turns into Amrit. Similarly, the small changes made in our lives will direct it into betterment and prosperity. Water is not just an ordinary thing. It consists of many mysterious powers. That is why water plays a vital role in ring charging.

The process of Ring Charging is called Shaktipaat. In the Ancient structures, many illustrations of Shaktipaat are displayed. Water can secure information for 4-5 hours. Similarly, many types of stones can secure information for many months and years.

Stones like Pukhraj, Panna, Gomedh, Manik have the potential to secure the information for months and years. That is why the mantras are secured in those stones. That helps in improving life and removing the hurdles. That is why the rings are charged with mantras in order to achieve prosperity and triumph in one’s life. That is the main reason you should wear charged rings. 

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