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Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Are you aware of the necessity of affirmations and incantations when it comes to the good health and wellness of a being? Why do many athletes implement visualisation techniques in themselves in order to achieve success? Why do successful entrepreneurs, business persons, or other triumphant personalities appear to know something that others are clueless about? You might think that because of the high level of confidence, successful personalities seem to know much more than ordinary beings. 

But the reason behind it is not just the confidence, but just having confidence is not enough. NLP is one of the techniques which helps them to enhance their mindset, make their lives better, and live life enthusiastically and positively. 

What Is Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming examines the ways through which the thoughts of an individual affect their behaviour and intellect. It deals with the interpretation of the signals we receive and the way it affects our routine. The origin of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is rooted in the Vedic Science of our Ancient Practises, which after modifications, was named as Neuro-Linguistic Programming. 

The NLP technique examines our brains and their mechanism, and thoroughly examines our thoughts, feelings, and emotions, which are in our control, instead of throwing light on the things that passively happen to us. The NLP approach performs on the principle that you can change the way you think, feel, and behave by changing your focus. Your energy will redirect and flow in the direction where you direct your focus to be. 

At The Nidan, Gurudev Acharya Vivek Panchtatwa Ji furnishes the best Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) services. With the experience of over 17 years of training and work in the relevant studies, he has gained a great perspective to examine an individual and their problems as well. 

In order to deal with every sort of problem, the FDA Therapist Gurudev Acharya Vivek Panchtatwa has made an exceptional therapy named Five Dimensional Approach (FDA) Therapy where he integrated all the five dimensions which are Astrology, Vastu Shastra, Clinical Hypnosis, Reiki Healing, and Mindfulness Meditation and created a single therapy which comprises of the solution of the sorts of problems you are facing in your life without the implication of any medicine or medicinal treatments. 

Along with these five services, he is also a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) coach and through his NLP techniques, he has transformed the lives of numerous individuals as well. His NLP techniques also play a vital role in Corporate Healing, which is specifically designed for the group of individuals like corporates, working professionals, students, etc.

Let us now look at what are the foremost and most essential types of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques and how it helps people to deal with several issues. 


Most Essential NLP Techniques

NLP Techniques are not based on theoretical assumptions, rather these are action-oriented. This technique gives importance to how, instead of surfing for why. Let us now have a look at some of the widely used and most essential NLP techniques which will help you to provide the solution of your how. 


Imagery Training is an NLP Technique that focuses and deals with visualisation. This one from NLP Techniques is also considered as one of the classic NLP Techniques, and sometimes it may also be referred to as mental rehearsal. If you are a beginner, then this NLP Technique will help you a lot because of its uncomplicated and linear exercise.

The key in Imagery Training is to envision an intensely detailed scenario of yourself where you act successfully. The action might be giving a confident presentation or defeating opponents in any sport, or achieving good marks in entrance or competitive exams. Doing this will picture your body language, which is confident, determined, and comfortable in that situation. 

Implementing this will make you sense the confidence in yourself and the energy that is present in your surroundings. During the process of visualisation, try to be as detailed as possible. Practising this NLP Technique regularly is an essential process for creating absolute certainty in yourself and your abilities.


The NLP Swish approach is not for everyone, but if you are physically and mentally prepared for the progressive NLP techniques, this will work for you. In this technique, you need to create a picture in your mind that you don’t want, and also try to keep it big and bright. Once you are done, then visualise a vivid picture of what you want to replace it with. 

After that, just switch your whole imagination and come up with the visualisation of what you want into the foreground, keeping it bigger and brighter. During the process, add jubilant music and motion, that trash the visual image which you don’t want in your background, by turning it grey and colourless. 

Repeating this loop around three to five times will train your mind to amplify the positivity and diminish the negative things. 


Modeling is one of the NLP techniques that have acquired the most engagement from entrepreneurs, athletes, and many other personalities. Modeling is based on the law of attraction. Even Tony Robbins also believes that “Whatever you constantly think about and focus upon you move toward.”

This NLP technique is different from both of the previous ones and here you don’t have to visualise or imagine anything in your head. Instead, in order to elevate your life with success and positivity, you have to wrap yourself with the ones who have already achieved the height you desire to wish and keep focusing on modelling their behaviours.

It is one of the practical techniques of NLP and here you need to discover a mentor for yourself, have to join a mastermind group of your domain, or model the leader or executive you admire. The success ratio is directly proportional to the number of mentors or role representatives you have. The more in numbers implies the more you’ll be able to leverage this Modelling technique. 


Are you acquainted with the 7-38-55 Rule? According to this rule, only 7% of your messages get communicated through your words. While your voice tone comprises 38% of message communication, your body language communicates 55% of your messages. 

Mirroring is a technique that will help you by leveraging your body language, in order to make instant connections and build rapport with anyone. When you will be talking to someone, try to reflect your body language to theirs. For example, if the other person is high in energy, try to match their energy level. In case the other person is calm and relaxed, try to reflect that. In order to match their vocabulary, you can even make some changes in your vocabulary for better engagement. 

Doing this will make you trustworthy in the perspective of the other person, with whom you are communicating; because you will be just like them. 


Incantations are the mainstream Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and are a more powerful version of affirmations that many of the elite performers implement in their lives as well. It is an approach where you affirm yourself in a loop regarding your beliefs and goals. 

Incantations will take you a step ahead in your life, by sharpening your physiology as well as your words in order to establish a state of total confidence. With all the intensity you possess, get yourself into a peak state by displaying the words you are saying. This technique is one of the most impactful and effective techniques in order to reprogram your mind and to create empowering beliefs. 

Benefits Of NLP


NLP consists of the ability to have people follow you, and it increases your performance through the power of your state and asking the right questions at the appropriate time.


NLP furnishes you with the possibility of accessing resources from your history or producing new resources for your current time and the future. It fills you with more self-confidence in the areas where there is a need for it. 


You might be having some limiting beliefs that resist you from achieving your goals. Through NLP, you get access to reframe your current beliefs by applying the different meanings to the behaviours, situations in your life. 


NLP is the practice that makes you mindful of the subconscious patterns that you express in language through your senses, and then adjust these patterns whenever applicable. It directs you the way to set your purpose and goals and makes you aware of the current values that drive your behaviour and the way to shift you towards a more energetic way of life. 


Irrespective of your domain or job profile, sales and negotiation are the two most crucial aptitudes you must have. Through NLP, you can enhance your negotiation skills by displaying how to integrate different parts for a more successful outcome using higher positive intentions. 

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Services At The Nidan

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) plays a vital role in the success of an individual in numerous ways. It doesn’t consist of a single route, practice, or technique to uplift you, rather it constitutes the collection of techniques through which you get one step forward in your life. 

At The Nidan, the FDA Therapist Gurudev Acharya Vivek Panchtatwa delivers the NLP services which will not only just help you enhance your lifestyle but will also fill you with the enthusiasm to get out of your comfort zone and achieve much more than you are achieving right now. 

As the point already raised, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) plays a vital role in the advancement of corporations and groups of individuals as well. Through NLP, not only you, but your mates, colleagues or staff, or group of working professionals get benefited.

The FDA Therapist Gurudev Acharya Vivek Panchtatwa Ji has been working on NLP and the dimensions of his FDA Therapy for over 17 years. In his journey of 17+ years, he has dealt with thousands of clients with diverse demographics, designations, and backgrounds, and has experience in implementing his different techniques at the right moment to the right person. 

In order to uplift yourself in your career and life, you too can take benefit of the NLP services from the FDA Therapist Gurudev Acharya Vivek Panchtatwa Ji at The Nidan. Get in touch with us for consultations or to know more about our services at The Nidan. 

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