Tarot Reading

(By Tanishq Gupta)


Tarot Reading

Tarot Reading is one of the gifts we got from Vedic Science during Ancient times. It is an approach through which the upcoming events and immediate future events can be predicted. 

You might be anxious about your future or going through any sort of trouble or changes in your life. Thus, seeking the tarot predictions might be fruitful for you to plan your actions in the future and make the best out of them. Since its roots are Vedic Science, it authorises the tarot practitioner to go through one’s life and get insights into their life with the help of the tarot cards. 

Once the practitioner gets insight into the future, they ask the questions to clients, and they are willing to know the answers about their future or the path to deal with them. Once the client asks his question or queries, they need to pick up some card to interpret that particular thing. Through the selected card, the practitioner anticipates the future and also the ways to deal with it. 

At The Nidan also, we deliver the services of Tarot Reading, where we work using the principles and applications of Vedic Science in order to give predictions. Here Ms. Tanishq provides the services of Tarot Reading, having expertise in Love and Relationships, Finances, Career, and Everyday life at The Nidan. She is an experienced and certified Tarot Reader at The Nidan. 

Myths About Tarot Reading

Although Tarot Reading is an ancient practice that developed from Vedic Science, still many of the individuals globally have some misinterpretations and false beliefs about Tarot. Along with time, as evolution occurs, the false beliefs and misconceptions in the sense of people start getting stronger. Following are some of the potent misconceptions people usually have in their minds when it comes to Tarot Reading or its predictions.



It is one of the ridiculous and most popular myths about tarot reading, that says only the psychics or individuals possessing supernatural powers can read and interpret tarot cards. If you have a supernatural power within you, then you may have better and more transparent insights about the tarot and predictions related to it. But it is nowhere reported that ordinary people cannot read tarot cards. 

It can be read by anyone who practices it regularly. In order to read tarot cards by yourselves, you must be interested in them, and you have to practice them regularly. Doing this will make you qualified for reading and interpreting tarot cards. Tarot cards can work for you as a guiding tool in order to receive direction and unlock the standard meaning of cards.


Not only Tarot Cards, everything we received from the Vedic Science and Ancient approaches consists of some causes and influences the life of humans. Simply calling it magical is a false concept because there is no such magic involved in tarot cards or the methodology of tarot reading. It is typical human behaviour that whenever we don’t understand any particular practice, especially an ancient practice, we used to term it as magic or a mystery that only the practitioner knows. But instead of any magic, it provides us with an indication of the future. 

If you look at the tarot cards, they are just basic cards made out of the paper pulp. If we talk about the magic, it lies in the way the practitioner or the user regulates those cards. The future predictions through tarot cards are not a line stretched on a rock that cannot be changed. Rather, you can change your future predictions by changing something in your life, or by changing your behaviour or habits. Thus, naming it magically makes no sense, and it should be avoided.     


It is one of the typical beliefs about tarot. Many tarot readers acknowledge that if they read their tarot cards, it will bring mishaps in their lives. But that is not accurate for the readers. Rather, many readers read their tarot in order to attain a finer perspective regarding the interpretation of the cards. Sometimes, reading your cards perhaps leads to the scenario where you cannot distance yourself from that situation and you continue reading until the time the tarot cards give you the desired results. Thus, it will not necessarily carry misfortune for you, but you should try to avoid this method. 

Tarot cards are not the author of your future, rather it is a tool that provides you with suggestions regarding the future course of action in some specific circumstances and makes you understand the situation you are going through right now. Due to this reason, you should use the tarot readings very sensibly, and if possible, try to sidestep the temptation to rely on the cards every time. However, there is nothing true in the point that reading your own cards will bring misfortune in your life. 


As the point already raised, your future depends on your circumstances, and you can change the circumstances established in the life you want to live. Thus, it is an incorrect belief and ridiculous to say that tarot cards never go inaccurate. If some prediction comes based on your future circumstances, you have the right to change those circumstances as well. It depends on you which road you want to travel in your life. Thus, you can change your predictions of the tarot cards and hold the potential to prove it wrong. 

The guidance tarot card gives to you is for your sake and to make you prepared for the upcoming events. If some untoward instance is indicated in the tarot cards, you may change yourself or direct your energies to reduce the bad impact and to be prepared to encounter the situation. Thus, the concept that tarot cards never get wrong stands no ground.


It is one of the most enduring myths about tarot cards that people acknowledge. Death is inevitable, and no one can avoid death and become mortal for a lifetime. Receiving the death card in tarot reading does not signify that you or someone you know will surely die. Rather it signifies the changes, which sometimes can be painful as well. Even if the changes are painful, it signifies that it is essential in one’s life in order to attain a better position in life. Sometimes, the changes may be inevitable as well, and this is what the death card from the tarot card signifies. 

The world that lies in the tarot is a bit fascinating and enlightening as well. Thus, using the tarot cards and the deeper implications that the card represents in a proper spirit would only strengthen the utility worth of tarot in your life. As the point already raised, the prime purpose of the tarot cards is to lead as a guiding force, being a roadmap of the journey of your life. Therefore, you should be ambivalent to the tarot interpretations, in order to yield the best results out of the tarot readings. 

Things To Keep In Mind Regarding Tarot Card Reading

As of now, you might have been conscious of the misconceptions and the false beliefs that usually people have in their minds regarding tarot cards. Tarot predicts the future of an individual according to their withdrawn tarot card. But we cannot consider that it will anticipate whatever is going to happen in your life. Following are a few of the things you should keep in mind before going for a tarot reading. 


You might have heard one of the famous quotes, ‘PRACTICE MAKES A MAN PERFECT’ which is applicable for a tarot reading as well. Although for some people, tarot card reading may come naturally as well, in order to master it, you must keep a practice of daily tarot card reading. You can also choose any particular card and meditate on it every day. If you give your best every day, you will be used to reading it. The experts also believe that “The more you bond with your deck, the better readings you’ll give – and get.”


In the initial stage, reading tarot cards may seem time-consuming and overwhelming. But once you start remembering it, you will have fun along with learning, in the same way, you have fun with your friends. You can simply pull some cards with the intention that the cards will provide you with some forewarning regarding the evening. Then, let the cards decide what your night is going to be and observe that it was a good piece of advice. You may also ask questions to yourself like, ‘What happens if we go to this spot or this one?’


You should go with reading tarot cards for some unknown or the one whom you don’t or are not in touch with. Although doing this may take you out of your comfort zone, it is worth trying for you. You should allow yourself to blurt out what you read, irrespective of how far-fetched it is. It will fill you with the spirit for taking it further and make you learn and gain experience to learn quickly. 

Tarot Reading Services At The Nidan

One of the famous quotes on Tarot Reading said by famous Psycho-analyst Carl Jung, is “Tarot is an intuitive method that has a purpose of understanding the flow of life, possibly even predicting future events, at all events lending itself to the readings of the conditions of the present moment.”

Are you interested in getting to know what might happen with you in the future? Are you concerned about your relationships with family members or with staff in your personal and professional life? Are you concerned about your poor finances? 

Tarot reading services might give the answers with solutions to all these mentioned and other problems for which you are concerned or eager to know about it. Thus, The Nidan is here for you to provide the best service on Tarot Reading, which is based on the concepts of Vedic Science and Ancient Practices. 

At The Nidan, Ms. Tanishq provides the services of Tarot Reading at the request of clients. She accomplished professional training on Tarot Reading and got the certificate for Tarot Reading from the Academy of Tarot in 2022. Along with that, She is a graduate in Psychology with Honours and has been practising tarot for over 5 years with expertise in love and relationships, finances, career, and everyday life. 

The specialty of the Tarot services at The Nidan is that our services are available both online and offline. Thus, if you are in Ghaziabad or Delhi, then you can take on request services on Tarot Reading in offline mode. Even if you are in any other location, the online mode is always available for you. In order to take the online services on Tarot, you can contact us for the on-request services of Tarot Reading by Ms. Tanishq, and we will love to provide you the services along with the solutions to your problems. 

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