Corporate Healing By FDA Therapy


Corporate Healing By FDA Therapy

Have you earlier heard about Corporate Healing? If you break both the words; Corporate, and Healing, then it is obvious you might get an idea about what Corporate Healing will be. 

Along with healing individuals through FDA Therapy, The Nidan is all set to heal and help the corporate sector for better outcomes and productivity. The Five Dimensional Approach (FDA) Therapy introduced by Gurudev Acharya Vivek Panchtatwa emphasises the Physical and Mental Body, Energy Body, Environmental Body, Planetary Body, and Cosmic Body.

FDA is too vast in itself, and it consists of five dimensions that make it flawless from all aspects. The dimensions are Astrology, Vastu, Clinical Hypnosis, Reiki Healing, and Mindfulness Meditation. Corporate Healing is not dedicated only to an individual. It is outlined to heal and help the group of individuals in the corporate; including bosses, managers, staff, and employees.


The corporate world is one of the busiest service sectors. In the corporate sector, almost everyone has to do client dealing, whether it be in advertising, customer care, or production. In that case, the way of talking plays a vital role during the deal. Thus, this is necessary for an individual to hide stress or frustration while dealing with clients. In addition, the majority of the individuals working there face numerous issues in time and workload management, stress and anxiety, work pressure, target pressure, unproductivity, and much work. To help in overcoming those hurdles that come in Corporate life, FDA Therapy provides a complete solution in Corporate Healing.

The Nidan helps to improve the Vastu, provides Hypnosis Affirmations, gives Reiki Healing, Meditation Patterns, and NLP Tricks. We provide Astrology for your corporate works according to the Vastu. Through our Hypnosis and NLP, we provide numerous tips and tricks through which you can make your way of talking more effective that can influence your colleagues and customers. Here you can get solutions for handling aggressive clients or conversations and taking them in the right direction. Sometimes, the behaviour and questioning of your client might irritate you, which eventually frustrates you. Our solutions are effective for it and will help you to handle the mismanagement, and the level of anger or frustration of you or your unsatisfied clients.

The Nidan work on reducing the stress and anxiety levels, managing irregular schedules and routines, reducing the target pressure, helping to d eal with clients in a better way, and also on increasing the productivity level of yourself as well as your corporate. 

Corporate Healing is exclusive for corporations and their employees. Here we have solutions to the problems faced by the corporate workers. To become a pro in your corporate life and to work effectively, take this Corporate Healing by Gurudev Acharya Vivek Panchtatwa at The Nidan. 

To know more, do contact us. We are looking forward to you. 

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